With its extensive experience and expertise in luxury hotel management, AA+G is well equipped to drive revenue growth and improve financial performance for its clients. The company's sales professionals possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the luxury hotel industry, and are well positioned to quickly establish and maximize existing relationships with key players in the travel trade, such as UK/European luxury tour operators, travel designers, and concierges.

In addition to leveraging its strong B2B relationships in Europe and the US, AA+G is also committed to generating new revenue channels from emerging markets and industry segments. By effectively rebalancing the hotel market mix, AA+G aims to improve key financial metrics such as RevPAR (Revenue per available room) and GOP (Gross Operating Profit), helping its clients to achieve long-term financial success.

AA+G's excellent relationships with the luxury travel trade, including key players such as Virtuoso, Ensemble, Signature, and Travel Leaders, are a testament to the company's commitment to delivering outstanding results for its clients. By leveraging these relationships, AA+G is well positioned to maximize revenue opportunities and drive growth for its clients in the highly competitive luxury hotel market.

At AA+G, the success of the sales strategy is built upon a strong sales culture that is focused on understanding the needs and desires of target audiences. To achieve this, AA+G will undertake a comprehensive sales audit to identify key markets and determine the best approach for reaching those markets.

The sales strategy is data-driven, utilizing analysis to identify key markets, geographical reach, and distribution opportunities. This information will be used to set clear goals and objectives, along with timelines and financial targets, to ensure that the sales strategy is aligned with the overall business objectives.

In addition, AA+G will provide assistance in building an efficient sales team and provide motivational sales training to drive measurable results. The company's focus on training and development will ensure that the sales team is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully execute the sales strategy and achieve the desired outcomes.

Finally, AA+G will implement an effective sales performance management process to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that the sales strategy is on track to meet its goals and objectives. This process will provide regular feedback and coaching to the sales team, helping them to continuously improve their performance and achieve success.




At AA+G, the goal of revenue management is to enhance revenue growth by predicting consumer demand and optimizing the inventory and rate availability. To achieve this, the company will develop a comprehensive strategy that focuses on building a profitable direct distribution model and evaluating the pricing structure.

AA+G recognizes the importance of training and development, and will offer training to all departments to encourage lead generation and improve overall performance. This training will help departments understand the revenue management process and the role they play in driving revenue growth.

Additionally, AA+G will develop a company-wide strategy to optimize profitability by aligning the revenue management process with the overall business objectives. This strategy will include regular monitoring and analysis of key metrics to ensure that the revenue management process is effectively driving growth and delivering desired results.

By implementing an effective revenue management strategy, AA+G aims to deliver long-term success and financial stability for its clients by optimizing revenue opportunities and maximizing profitability.

At AA+G, marketing is all about understanding the needs and desires of today's savvy consumers. The company recognizes that consumers are knowledgeable, well-travelled, and discerning, and as a result, marketing must be tailored to speak to their unique needs and preferences.

To achieve this, AA+G will undertake a comprehensive marketing audit to gain a deep understanding of the target audience and the market landscape. This information will be used to develop a marketing strategy that is relevant, measurable, and effective.

The marketing strategy will focus on expressing the brand's essence in all areas of marketing, including visual elements, tone of voice, online and offline advertising, and communications. The company will create campaigns that are entirely relevant to target audience and designed to resonate with their buying motivations.

In addition, AA+G will develop a digital campaign that aligns with the consumer's interests and preferences, and will provide clear parameters and content planning for a social media strategy that will help to build an impressive following.

To ensure consistency and quality in all marketing efforts, AA+G will create brand guidelines that will apply to all aspects of collateral. The company will also provide creative input and support in selecting the right agency partners to bring its marketing vision to life.

Overall, AA+G's marketing approach is focused on delivering results and connecting with consumers in meaningful and impactful ways. Through its deep understanding of the market and its focus on relevance and measureability, the company is well positioned to drive growth and success for its clients.


Wedding & MICE Markets

AA+G has extensive experience in the wedding and MICE markets, with a particular focus on Italy, which is one of the most important and lucrative markets in the segment. With over 8,700 events and an estimated turnover of 500 million euros in 2019, the Italian luxury wedding market is a thriving industry. In the same year, foreign marriages in Italy generated over 436,000 arrivals and more than 1.5 million weddings.

The company has strong connections with UK and US wedding planners, as well as the Indian wedding market, which often involves high-budget events that last for 7-10 days. AA+G will incorporate wedding messaging into its broader media outreach strategy to reach key decision-makers in this industry.

In addition, AA+G is a member of several MICE trade organizations, which allows the company to accelerate brand awareness and reach this valuable market. By leveraging its extensive experience and connections, AA+G is well positioned to help hotels tap into the growing wedding and MICE markets and maximize revenue.