Transform Your Hotel Investment with AA+G's Customized and Agile Management Solutions

We are specialist in the Italian Independent Hotel Market.

Empowering independent hotel owners to reach their operations, revenue and financial  targets through comprehensive commercial, communication and management support

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Our Approach


Evaluations and recommendations based on independent thinking are characterized by an impartial perspective and are adapted to the specific market environment in which the asset operates.


Handling of confidential information and financial data is performed with utmost confidentiality. Our working relationships are built on a foundation of honesty and openness.


Our profits are closely tied to the performance of the hotel, with a significant portion being contingent on the results achieved. This alignment of interests ensures that we are fully committed to driving success for our hotel partners.

Building  Partnerships 

Building strong partnerships with hoteliers by working closely with them and providing support to senior management in both strategic decision-making and day-to-day operations. Our focus is on establishing long-lasting relationships that drive success for all parties involved.

What we do

Our Philosophy

Independent Thinking, Ethics, and Results-Oriented Partnership.

We bring a unique and objective perspective to each evaluation, tailored to the market in which the asset operates. Our approach is characterized by strict ethics and transparency, handling sensitive information and finances with discretion. Our focus is on delivering tangible, measurable results in partnership with the hotelier, working closely with senior management to support strategic decisions and daily operations."

"Our hotels view us as a valuable addition to their team and we provide a highly personalized service."

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Palazzo Ripetta Roma


AA+G Enhances Capital Partner Success with Comprehensive Support Services: Due Diligence, Acquisition/Disposition, Tax Structuring, Accounting, Financing Strategies and More.


We are specialized in project and construction management for hotels in Italian cities and resorts. We offer comprehensive services to ensure successful completion of hotel projects within budget and with high quality standards.


AA+G is dedicated to helping hotels  improve their operations for better guest experience and maximizing revenue. We provide a comprehensive operational excellence service for the hospitality industry.


AA+G is poised to grow its revenue quickly, with a sales team experienced in the luxury hotel industry globally and established B2B relationships in Europe and the USA. The company plans to maximize existing travel trade business and create new revenue streams from emerging markets and industries to boost performance.


Customers are bombarded with a multitude of communication every day. The language, messaging, and visual representation used by hotels must be clear and easily comprehended. A genuine message is crucial for establishing a connection with target geographical audiences, both at the time of the hotel's initial opening and beyond.